Citizens United Against Citizens United
Citizens United Against Citizens United is a project of Public Citizen. We know that’s a lot of “citizen,” so we’ll try to explain.

Citizens United is an organization that uses populist rhetoric to promote a corporatist agenda. It contorts words like “citizens” and “united” and “freedom” in service of Big Business. One of its top goals is “complete U.S. withdrawal from the United Nations.”

Citizens United is a Supreme Court case involving Citizens United. On January 21, 2010, five of the nine justices — in a binge of judicial activism that violated generations of legal tradition — concluded that the First Amendment allows corporations to spend unlimited amounts of money influencing our elections.

This could destroy our democracy.

Public Citizen has played a part in pretty much every battle to strengthen campaign finance laws over the past 39 years. We can say unequivocally that letting corporations tap their vast and unrivaled bank accounts to support candidates of their choosing will poison our political system.

Ironically, Citizens United recently threatened legal action against a small Facebook group cleverly named Citizens United Against Citizens United. That’s right — a few apologists for runaway corporate power, who spent the last few years manipulating our justice system to recklessly distort the concept of free speech, bullied another organization into sacrificing its legitimate free speech rights.

Public Citizen’s legal team offered to defend the organization behind the Facebook group from Citizens United’s bogus attack. That organization made the respectable decision to focus its limited resources on other work, but we thought the name Citizens United Against Citizens United was too good to go to waste. So here we are.

We are defending the free speech of real people, not distorting the First Amendment so that non-persons like ExxonMobil, Pfizer and Goldman Sachs can grow even more powerful.

We believe that elections should be guided by the principle of one person, one vote, not subjugated to the influence of billions of corporate advertising dollars.

We are actual citizens united, not a deceptively named front group for corporate greed.

Take a stand!

Across the country, there are tens of thousands of citizens united against Citizens United and Citizens United.

Join our campaign for a constitutional amendment prohibiting a corporate takeover of our democracy!